Cecelia Feld

My collagraph prints, collages made from collagraphs, combinations of collagraphs and etchings, cut paper collages and mixed media acrylic paintings all deal with the nature of abstraction.

My work, whether in printmaking or painting, is about exploring relationships. Bits and pieces from my visual experiences bump against each other. There are references in my work to the textures, colors, lines and shapes of things in the real world. The layering or unfolding of shapes, punctuations or expanses of color or character of a line order the picture plane. The resulting abstract images allude to natural forms.

My collagraph and/or monoltype prints frequently become the basis for collage. The prints are background or foreground and provide texture and color which play off against other kinds of found paper to make the collage.

Individual images are available upon request.

Cecelia Feld Mixed Media, Painting