Eva Maier

I was born in Switzerland and grew up in a small town, in a house surrounded by cow pastures. Starting at an early age I was exposed to the arts and crafts by two very creative parents.  My favorite vacations as a child and teenager would take us to Florence and other European cities where I would spend hours admiring and studying the artwork in the museums . I still love and feel the influence of the Renaissance masters’ color combinations and the beauty of the vibrant colors used back then. My work over the past years has been inspired by my love for cows and the beauty of nature.  Cows represent my Swiss birthplace and also are a symbol for mother and nurturing. I love the shape of seed pods — they grow until they are plump and ready to burst open and  create new life.  Some of my most recent work is inspired by collages.  I enjoy playing with the layering of graphite, ink, and oil paints in order to achieve a collage effect in a painting. Over the last couple of years I have been working with fiber and clay, creating “dolls” that are also inspired by my collages and my paintings.

Individual images are available upon request.

Eva Maier Painting