Michael Palmer

To ask an artist to talk about his work is like asking a plant to discuss horticulture.” J Cocteau. To my mind any given piece of work, mine or another artistst’, speaks for itself. One can make of its meaning or the feelings imparted by viewing as one likes.

I throw some paint loosely onto a blank canvas with no definite ideas in mind. The paint landing may suggest an idea or not. I keep putting paint down until something: amorphic, linear, geometric, figurative, presents a vague direction. Work is well along before I have any idea where it may end up. Design is most important; subject matter less so though subject most often does appear.

I’ve done art since my mother found me copying Picasso’s :woman in a looking glass’ out of a magazine. I was three. It’s what I do and I follow the evolution of it wherever it takes me, always keeping fundamental principles in mind.

Individual images are available upon request.