Rebecca Bradford

Born and raised in Maine, Rebecca Bradford spent most of her summers exploring the coast  She and one of her sisters often wonder if they “liberated” the entire population of seashells from the beaches during their youth. It’s the shell- form that has inspired these illuminated sculptures named after her sisters. “I love the way a shell is so smooth and soft inside, yet outside it can be very rough and ragged. The nacre, the shiny material also known as mother of pearl that lines the inside of the shells inspired me to add light.”

The sculptures are initially created with wire, fiberglass and gypsum cement. Like-seashells, they are built slowly, layer upon layer. The light source determines the shape and thus is used through-out the creative process. Once complete, the original sculptures are then destroyed in the mold-making process. The casts are made of solid white gypsum, fiberglass, and resin. They rest upon a custom-made, four-foot base that houses the
incandescent bulb and light assembly.

Individual images are available upon request.

Rebecca Bradford Sculpture